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Tom Fitzgibbon has been making electronic art since grade school in California, producing odd assemblages of wood, computers, lights and wire. Some are small Joseph Cornell sized painted boxes but also larger works including wall pieces, infernal machines, display cases and store signs. With no formal art training, but surrounded by artist friends and family, this outsider artist tends to mirror street life with vibrant, saturated colors or quietly lit constructions with a variety of incandescent, LED, neon, laser and other light sources. For more information check the website

The pieces can be interactive (e.g., detecting faces and reacting), while others wait for the viewer to experience. Some influences are Tinguely, Cornell, Turrell, Holzer, Corley, Burchfield and Miyajima.

Private Collections

Mark DiSuvero, Tom Otterness, Miles Bellamy, Coleen Fitzgibbon, Walter Robinson, John Beech, Ulli Rimkus, Mark Smith



Solo Show Opening Thursday December 2nd, 5:30pm at 119 Ninth Avenue between 17th and 18th Street, Chelsea, NYC at Guild Gallery II. Work can be viewed 24/7 in the storefront windows until February 2022.

Work "Roundabout" chosen by NYC Parks Dept as their "wreath as the main image promoting the Wreath exhibition this year, including on the invite, our website, and on one of the posters for the show." Show runs Dec 2nd - Jan 6th at Arsenal Gallery, 830 5th Avenue.


Hudson Guild Public Art Installation October 2020 - Chelsea 441 W. 26th St. Dec 2020- Mar 2021

Solo - Chelsea NYC Hudson Guild Gallery - 441 W. 26th St., NYC - Through Feb 25th

3 Person Show - Greenkill Gallery, Kingston, NY - June 2020 - Cancelled by Covid

NYC Solo Show - WillArt Gallery - Summer Brooklyn NY - Cancelled by Covid


Solo - Chelsea NYC Show Scheduled - December - February


Group - 311 Gallery, Raleigh, NC - February


Solo - Hudson Guild Gallery - "Light4Days" - November - January

Group - Greenpoint Gallery - February

Group - Juried Show in Raleigh, NC - March


Group - Sideshow Gallery - December - January

Solo - Popup Gallery - March


Group - Sideshow Gallery December

Group - Infocus Gallery June


Group - PingPong Gallery April

Group - Sideshow Gallery December